The equitment of the NYPD makes it ten times more powerful towards their efforts. From cruisers to prison buses, if you can think of it the NYPD probaly has it. The range of the different types of vehicles help for different purposes and for different units. Like a cruiser for patrol and a van to transport many felons at once and a helicopter for a arieal view. No matter what it is, it serves for something.


Ground VehiclesEdit

Chevrolet Impala Car Patrol Cruiser
Ford Fusion Hybrid Car Patrol Cruiser
Nissan Altima Hybrid Car Patrol Cruiser
Ford Crown Victoria (Discontinued) Car Patrol Cruiser
Dodge Charger Car Highway Patrol
Ford E-350 Van Multi-Use
Ford Club Wagon Van Multi-Use
GMC Savanna Van Multi-Use
GMC Yukon Hybrid SUV


GMC Ford Explorer SUV Patrol/Transport
Scooter Scooter Highway Patrol
Ford F-250 Pickup Patrol
Go-4 Interceptor Mini Parking Enforcment
Mobile Command Center RV Crime Scene
Ford Econoline Van Crime Scene
PBBS Freightliner Van Crime Scene
Hummer Truck DCU
Water Cannon Truck Truck DCU
Radio Emergency Patrol Vehicles Truck ESU
Large Rescue Trucks Truck ESU
SWAT Van Truck


Helicopters and BoatsEdit

Patrol Helicopter Helicopter Patrol/Rescue
Radioactive Detection Boat Boat Anti-Terrorism
Emergency Response Boat Boat ESU/Harbour Unit
Police Wave Runner Jet Ski ESU/Harbour Unit
Inflatable Boat Boat Harbour Unit