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A Sergeant in Formal Uniform

The director is the director of the police, 1 per police team on the city/town. The director is the highest rank of Police.

FINAL RANK: Director[]

Rank Insignia Uniform/Shirt Badge Type Badge Numbered?
Commissioner Civilian suit

or Navy blue uniforms

Gold medallion with eagle and five stars No
First Deputy Commissioner  [1] White collared shirt Medallion with eagle and four stars
Deputy Commissioner Gold medallion with eagle
Bureau Chief

Assistant Chief

Deputy Chief




Medallion with eagle and three stars

Medallion with eagle and two stars

Medallion with eagle and one star

Inspector [5] Gold & Blue Enamel Medallion with eagle
Deputy Inspector [6] Gold & Blue Enamel Laurels and crown with oak leaves
Captain [7] Gold & Blue Enamel Laurels and crown
Lieutenant [8] Gold & Blue Enamel Medallion
Sergeant [9]


Navy blue uniform

or Plainclothes (undercover)

Gold Shield with Eagle Yes

(grades 3–1)

[10] Gold & Blue Enamel Medallion
Police Officer [11] Silver Shield

Probationary Officer

Cadet [13] Slate Grey none